The Library of Spanking Fiction: Wellred Weekly

Wellred Weekly
Volume 1, Number 8 : June 3, 2012
Items of interest regarding all things spanking

Spanking Artist: Cc
Wellred Weekly explores the spanking art of Cc.

How long have you been drawing spanking art?
Well, I've been drawing it since I started drawing really. I remember I used to do these little stick figure comics when I was young, and a lot of the time I always found a way to get the characters in trouble, resulting in spanking. I don't think I did a lot of detailed drawing, however, until I was older. I think I remember feeling like my interest in spanking was strange and not something to make public, so I was sure to be private about it. It really wasn't until middle school and high school that I started drawing what I think are my "tastes" now in spanking art - women being spanked by their significant others, etc. I speculate that due to puberty, environmental factors, and hormones in general, I was really yearning to express my interest somehow, so drawing was a natural outlet since I've always drawn a lot. I found the AnimeOTK site when I was 17, and already had a pretty hefty stack of relevant spanking drawings by that time, so I felt eager to share.

Where can your spanking art be seen?
I have only posted my artwork on AnimeOTK, and it has been featured in a few online spanking articles and blogs. However if you see my art on Deviant Art, Chicago Spanking Review, or other similar websites, odds are I did not authorize it to be put there, and I would like to be contacted on AnimeOTK if you do happen to see people using my art without my permission.

What inspires you to draw?
Well, I guess mostly my imagination is where most of my ideas come from. Though I do draw inspiration from other spanking artists, and sometimes from spanking fiction. I also sometimes draw ideas inspired by anime that I've watched in the past. But mostly, my drawings come from ideas and fantasies I'd like to take part in, simply put. Not all, but most. It might be pretty easy to pick up on that I'm into romantic spanking situations - whether that means the two involved are romantically attached, or just that the spanking itself is a form of foreplay, love and romance. So maybe my own, twisted sense of romance is an inspiration, then?

Where do you get your ideas from?
Again, my head. I like to usually draw things that I've come up with - I don't typically draw scenes straight from something I've seen or read unless it's by request. But some of my ideas no doubt have come from years of exploring the dark reaches of the internet and discovering different spanking outlets. Again, it typically all goes back to my own tastes and fantasies that I'd actively want to take part in.

Are there other artists that interest or inspire you?
Oh yes, I have many artists that I both admire and take some inspiration from. Probably the earliest artist I really obsessed over for a long while was Endart. Sadly his website seems to now be closed as he retired from making spanking art. Right now, probably the most influential to me is Kami Tora, I just admire his skill and ability to make art expressive, potent, and tantalizing. A few other faves off the top of my head (all who made AnimeOTK their home) are CM_Zero, Congolike, elmantonegro and Klauth.

Do you have a particular technique or way that you go about drawing?
I either draw on paper first, and scan that in, or more recently sometimes start on the computer from the start with my tablet. After it's on the computer, I usually do the clean up and coloring if I'm coloring an image - which is most of the time unless it's a lazy quick sketch.

Do you prefer to draw in colour or black & white/greyscale?
I have a place in my heart that will always be fond of straight pencil drawing. However, when I'm really making a finished product, I like it to be in full color, so I'd say that's my preference most of the time.

Is there a target audience that you specifically aim at?
I wouldn't say I aim at anyone in particular. I don't draw to please other people, generally. I do really love to hear feedback from other people, but honestly, most of the time I just draw what I like. So, I'm the target audience, and if anyone happens to also enjoy my work - all the better. I do take comfort in knowing other people like what I like - but really, my drawings are just expressions of my own fantasies, I'm not trying to win over a certain demographic. I have taken requests and commissions to draw situations that aren't exactly my own preference, so in those cases, I am just pleasing whoever is commissioning me, etc.

Does your artwork represent your own spanking preferences?
Yes. At least the artwork I create from my own ideas, usually yes, very much so. There are instances I've drawn things that I wouldn't really want to take part in, but the majority of my original art reflects my preferences.

Some of your artwork depicts domestic discipline scenarios between husbands and wives or girlfriends and boyfriends. What are your views on domestic discipline in real life?
It's important to note that the spankings I draw are fictional and merely represent fantasies. I think domestic discipline being used in real life of course is dependent on the particular couple. Both partners need to be in agreement and clear on where their boundaries lie. Me personally? I think to give all the power to another person is asking a lot, and that in all seriousness, it can be a burden for them to handle. While I do prefer that my boyfriend has dominance over me in a variety of fashions, I do not want our relationship to depend on discipline to solve our issues. I trust him to give me a "real" punishment spanking if it might benefit us, however for most problems I don't think that a spanking will fix anything. I think it's obvious that my Doms and subs are usually depicted in a sexual context - so my "discipline" settings are typically for the sake of fantasy - they are in nature meant to be playful.

Do you produce artwork which is not related to spanking as well?
Yes, I am technically an artist by profession as well as in my daily life, but most of it isn't drawing or illustration in the same sense. But as far as original artwork goes, recently I haven't had much time or energy to create much, spanking or otherwise.

Do you draw just for personal pleasure or for profit?
When they are commissions, obviously, profit, however when drawing my own ideas, that again is self expression and personal pleasure.

Have you considered using your artwork in spanking publications/books?
I'm not really sure how or where I'd get into that market. Firstly, I guess I wouldn't be opposed to illustrating some spanking books, so long as it was adult fiction or something of that nature. I've never really considered it because I don't know where I'd even start!

Do you have any plans for future artwork?
Right now I've had several commissions stewing for a really long time, unfinished. My priority is to get those complete, but after that I hope to find more inclination to draw scenarios out of my mind for pleasure. If you're asking if I have any clear ideas or stories in progress, no. However, I do hope to complete the comic I started a while back called Price of Beauty for my own interest in finishing something. I'm sure recently, many AnimeOTK members assume I'm dead, due to my lack of producing any artwork as of late. Sadly, life and work have been extremely time consuming, and of course take priority.

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