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Volume 1, Number 8 : June 3, 2012
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A Spanking Life Coach (cont.)
by Harriet Marwood

On a related topic, some people who are on a successful track under their own steam, after a productive coaching program, like to "re-enlist" for a "tune-up" every so often. For one thing, they find the spanking component of the relationship a great stress reliever. People can often get complacent when things are going fine. That is when the weeds of misbehavior can start creeping back. After a long time of doing all the right stuff it's helpful to shock the system, perhaps tweak the routine a bit, look for novel ways to continue those positive results instead of letting things fall into droning sameness... a wake-up call. Not to mention, it just feels good to many people to feel like they're not in it alone. Not only do they have a stern taskmaster, but also someone who is rooting for them to do well.
The Spankings
The spankings in a Life Coaching Program are no nonsense! It's not role-play. It's not a game. They're punishment. True, real life punishment. How and when would a coaching participant get a spanking? Well, here's the way I work it:

At the initial intake visit, we sit and talk. I spend a substantial amount of time with most people at this point. I have them answer a questionnaire that I send them, which they are to bring along to our first meeting. It gets us started toward clarifying what their goals are and what has been getting in their way. Once I get a handle on what their obstacles are, I zero in on the right approach and I give them a manageable number of simple, incremental goals meant to generate a learning curve of better habits while making strides toward the ultimate goal. Keeping it simple is the key to success. If you promise to accomplish a few manageable tasks, it's less likely you'll feel the onerous resistance that has thwarted you in the past. Baby steps. I send them off with a to-do list that we agree is useful and inspiring. But before they go...

Before they go off to test their mettle, we adjourn to my little 'spankatorium' and I give them a taste of what awaits them if they don't take their new commitment seriously. Prior to this, I have interviewed them and have a good knowledge of what degree of punishment they have endured in the past and what their limits are. This first "baseline" spanking is (a) for me to calibrate their tolerance level and (b) while not taking things to any extreme level, I make sure their spanking stings enough so that they remember that discipline hurts... enough to put a bit of healthy fear into them. This spanking is not the same type as a punishment spanking. That would defeat the purpose of that when they've done nothing yet to deserve such pain. The punishment has to fit the crime and if I start out thrashing them to high heaven, we have nowhere to go from there.

For many, spanking is also a reward. It fulfills some kind of emotional need and physiological or physical release. It can also provide catharsis from the frustration or self-judgment that some people carry for having failed at their attempts to get where they want to go. In this sense, spankos have an advantage over regular life coach participants. Where a conventional life coach can merely encourage and reason with a client, someone like myself has that secret weapon - the motivational value of which only the spanking enthusiast is intimately aware: the sharp sting of a hand, paddle, belt or tawse. It's immediate, painful, and concrete. Logic and encouragement are nice, but when you know that, at the end of the day, if you did not get your work done you have to bend over and feel several dozen whacks on your bare bottom, most folks will cut the crap and get the work done!

Since every evaluation meeting ends with a spanking, spankos know that if they have done well, their spanking will be more like a play session. Although I will always end with a few sharp strokes to remind them what could happen if they slack off on their homework assignments. I find that most of my clients really want to improve their lives in the ways we set forth. It's a paradox, but even though they love spanking, they still want to impress me with their hard work and get that approving "pat on the head" instead of a scolding and the harshest possible punishment. They also know that I am very capable of making a spanking much more than the emotional release or recreational fantasy that they love. I can make them really regret displeasing me. I can remind them why they want to go forth and prosper.

I have worked with highly successful people who are just way too busy, or simply very disorganized. I've worked with passive people who simply need someone else to light a fire under them and give them a kick in the pants every few weeks to keep that fire burning. I have to admit that my success rate has been astonishingly high, surprising even myself!

Over a year and a half period, I once helped a medical professional streamline, update and reorganize his office so that his staff no longer pull their hair out trying to keep him from log-jamming their daily operations. I continue to work with a fiction writer, making sure he meets the regular deadlines he's responsible for. I have helped people improve their lifestyle habits and over-all health, clean and organize their homes, lose weight, improve their relationship with their significant other... there is really no limit to what coaching can tackle. And with the right 'motivational tools' amazing things are possible.

Oh, I forgot to mention one other thing: Life Coaching is a relationship. My clients and I get to know one another pretty well and, while we both take its purpose seriously, I make sure that we still manage to have a good time in the process. Getting what you want is very satisfying, even if it comes with an occasionally sore rear end!

Harriet Marwood is a professional disciplinarian & spankologist in New York City

bendover said...
Miss Marwood, I have to say that I was very impressed at what I've just read. You seem to have the bull by the horns as they say when it comes to your profession and your clients.

Reading this showed me that there is a true professionalism in the workforce as a Professional Disciplinarian. From what I saw you pull out the stops and pull not punches. I can only be assured that your clients walk away not only sore, but very satisfied.

I would love you to visit our Capital Hill. Up there, naughty is as naughty does.

4 June 2012 04:06
PinkAngel said...
Now this is an extremely interesting area, one that appeals to me greatly. A very interesting read that makes a lot of sense, thank you for sharing.
4 June 2012 11:33
oldtom said...
A wonderfully sensible article. I am certain that my success at school was started by my knowledge that if I slackened off with my studies my backside would be made extremely sore but at school and home. In my humble opinion the two bright but lazy boys across the road (both late teens) need Harriet's type of help. A very sensible and thought provoking article.
4 June 2012 13:34
Jimm said...
I can personally vouch for Ms Marwood as I have been a semi regular client visiting her for "tune ups" for over ten years. If you want a real life account of a mentoring session with Ms Marwood, read "the appointment", then go make one.
7 June 2012 02:18
harrietmarwood said...
Thank you all for your thoughtful comments. Now that I know you've enjoyed this, I'll write another article. What would you like to know?

Warm bottoms,
Harriet Marwood
7 June 2012 22:39
islandcarol said...
I found your article very interesting and I am curious. If you decide to write another article, I would like a few specific stories of the goals of an anonymous client or two, perhaps a male and a female. Specific goals and how they made progress. I am also curious about how you administer consequences and the extent of their severity. This was a great read. Lovely!
10 June 2012 02:30
harrietmarwood said...
dear islandcarol - if you'd like to email vai my website i will tell about a book where you can find exactly what you requested.
10 June 2012 13:26
annamarie376 said...
This is a very interesting topic. One that's crossed my mind more than once. I was wondering how you screen your clients. What do you consider the pros & cons of your profession? Thanks, this was a great article.
13 June 2012 21:46
TheEnglishMaster said...
Thank you - a fascinating insight into a very worthy profession. The link between Mistress and life coach is a natural and inevitable one.

I did wonder how you'd distinguish between punishment and reward, and you made it very clear!
18 June 2012 00:34
nowings said...
I have to say that Miss Marwood is one of the very best. I have followed her writing for years and from when I was about 12 on I yearned for the kind of strict loving disciplinary help that she describes. Success in business has been no problem - it is at the end of the day that the need for surrender first (not being endlessly in charge) and gentle submission next, all becomes paramount. It has taken years to find it and lean to be willing to explore this side of who I am. Miss Marwood, through her wise words, has always been an inspiration. Thank you for that.
16 December 2012 18:26

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