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Volume 2, Number 1 : March 21, 2013
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Memories of Mr. Magazine
by tenb6

Like many of the members of this website who are of a certain (pre-Internet) age, it is sometimes difficult for younger members to believe just how challenging it was to be a spanking enthusiast back in the day. In my case, I am speaking of the early 1970s, when I went through a mostly frustrated adolescence attending an all-boys Catholic high school. Very early on, well before I reached the age of 13, I became aware that the idea of spanking naughty young girls was somehow my "thing" and had an overpowering effect on me. Of course, the only thing I could actually do was to think about it. The idea that any of the teenage girls that I looked at so longingly as they walked home from the local public high school, or from the Catholic girls' schools (yes, in uniforms!), would have any interest whatsoever in my particular perversion was just too outlandish to even consider. And, like all others who suffered from my affliction in this era, I absolutely believed that I was the only human on earth who found the idea of spanking an upturned female bottom sexy and exciting, and that I was doomed to go to my grave without having experienced this nirvana even once.

The only potential crack in the otherwise solid wall of hopelessness was that sometimes our local newspaper's "Agony Aunt", who ran a column called "Helen Help Us", would sometimes run letters about spanking, in which wives, girlfriends and daughters related spankings from their husbands, boyfriends and fathers. Sometimes the detail was a bit too specific for me not to suspect that perhaps that there was something other than a sincere discussion of disciplinary techniques going on: for example, the teenage girl who complained that her father spanked her with a plastic hairbrush on her bare bottom each day for a week, the girlfriend who complained that her boyfriend had taken down her panties and spanked her on their date, etc. I even recall a letter from a wife who said that the spanking of wives was a well-established tradition in her husband's family and that her husband had been given the family paddle from his father on their wedding night - I recall that the response from "Helen" was that well-worn Sixties' cliché "Different Strokes for Different Folks." I, of course, secreted these columns away in a special hiding place, because I assumed that these letters were the only spanking literature that existed in the universe.

As I turned 14, I had the good fortune to grow tall and generally mature early, so that I was often taken for 18 or older. Now, if there were any girls at my school then perhaps I could have really used this to my advantage, but, alas, the most use I got out of my mature looks was that I could usually buy girlie magazines without being questioned by the local drugstores and candy shops. Buying Playboy (and then Penthouse) was a given, but I particularly enjoyed the second-tier, somewhat more disreputable magazines that could be found on the lower racks. They had a wide variety of names - Sir, Nugget, Jaguar, Daring, and the like. The models in them looked a little too fleshy and made-up compared to the girls next door in Playboy, but something attracted me to this magazine underworld. In those days, they generally sold for 75 cents to One Dollar, so even on my meager allowance I could afford to buy one or two a week. (Actually, as I later learned, many of these magazines were the first to publish such well known authors as Stephen King - but I was not looking for great literature, so I am sure I skipped over his stories.)

One day, at my usual candy store, run by a kindly old Dutch couple who never asked for my i.d., I spied a magazine called "Mr". Nothing particularly attractive about it, but then I noticed the cover advertised a story with a name something along the lines of "She Loved the Whip". It was all I could do to retrieve the three quarters from my pocket, tuck the magazine neatly into my backpack and pedal on home on my ten-speed so I could discover what this article could possibly be about (perhaps about a female circus tamer?) Needless to say, when I got home I went straight up to my bedroom, and nervously opened the magazine directly to the article. It was about a guy picking up a girl poolside at a resort hotel - when he gets her upstairs in her room, she asks him to whip her with a whip she has handily provided. The article ends with the guy feeling guilty and walking out of the room. Ok, perhaps the ending was a bummer, but at least the article was in the same galaxy as my interest.

But then I turned to the "Letters to the Editor" (with the motto "Want to give the Editor the business? Here is where you can"), and my eyes popped out. There was a very long, descriptive letter from a husband describing how he had come to give his wife weekly disciplinary "whippings" (for some reason the writer avoided calling them spankings, but they clearly were) after learning the ins and outs of disciplining a wife from his neighbor. The first whipping was given because his wife was exposing herself to the neighborhood by going outside to hang up the laundry (no fancy clothes dryers for them) wearing sheer underwear. Why the wife would want to show her lacy undies off to the neighborhood was never explained - I guess it was just assumed that all women were exhibitionists, but the spanking, using birch and paddle, was vividly described.

Needless to say, I was hooked on this magazine. Happily, the candy store seemed to regularly stock back issues of Mr. and I soon found myself buying three or four back issues, as well as the monthly new issue, each month. Here, at last, was proof that I was not alone in the universe - that there are others (or, at least, other men) who share my interest in spanking. Each issue usually had a small story in the "News of the World" section regarding spanking - usually some unverifiable story about girls in Scandinavia being spanked at school - as well as a mention of spanking in the interview with the centerfold model. But the highlight of each issue was the Letters to the Editor. At this particular time, the magazine usually had at least two spanking letters - one being a fairly short letter, usually reacting to an earlier letter or otherwise commenting on something in the magazine, and then a much longer, multi-page letter describing in vivid detail the spanking of teenage daughters, wives, secretaries or other erring females. Among the stand-out letters I can recall from that era are:

  • The army wife who had spread gossip about the husband's commanding officer's wife and, as a result, was stripped naked and spanked by her husband and the officer's wife in front of the officer;

  • The army wife who insisted on wearing micro-miniskirts without panties in public and who was spanked by her husband with a ruler to get her to wear underwear (come to think of it, there seemed to be a lot of letters from military men in this era, when Vietnam was just winding up);

  • The mother who rubbed after-shave lotion on her teenage daughter's bottom before spanking her with a hairbrush in order to intensity the sting, and who had her daughter recite some home-made poetry before and after each spanking;

  • The wife who was spanked bare-bottom, and sometimes nude, by her husband in front of his friends and another couple when she was rude to him;

  • The wife who had to wear childish clothes and present her husband with a paddle for her spanking after dinner when she had disobeyed him.
Also at this time, the magazine began to run some "true" articles from women who described their upbringing or their current lives, always involving a healthy dose of spanking. These were even longer and more detailed than the letters, and typically they would describe corporal punishment growing up on a farm, in a large family, etc. and then the current situation the writers were in - always involving either a spanking husband or, in one memorable letter, belonging to a spanking club which had its own private island!

Now, did my 14 to 17 year-old self really believe for a minute that any of these "letters" or "true" articles were anything more than fantasy? Well, whether or not they had a shred of truth to them was really beside the point. Mr. Magazine had validated for me that I was not alone in the universe - that spanking was indeed an exciting sexual act to many persons, and that, perhaps, with a little luck, I might even be able to have my fantasies come true one day.

After I moved away to college, my contact with Mr. Magazine (and girlie magazines in general) became more sporadic, but it was still always a nice treat to catch up with a new issue when I was home for vacation. Also, thankfully, moving from an all boys Catholic high school to a co-ed dorm at a public university worked wonders for both my confidence and my sex life, which no longer involved only me. I even introduced spanking to my first girlfriend who, to my shock, couldn't get enough of it. But that is another story....

In any event, so far as I could tell, Mr. Magazine faded into oblivion sometime in 1981 or so - way before that other destroyer of the written word, the Internet, but at a time when other mainstream magazines (particularly Penthouse and its kinky cousin, Variations) were openly exploring BDSM and all of its variants. But I will always have a very soft spot in my heart for the old Mr. Magazine letters, which thankfully I have discovered in abundance in the Spanking Library (and keep them coming!). They harken back to a much more innocent time, when a teenage boy was just beginning to understand his sexuality and the powerful role that spanking could come to play (and in fact, did come to play) in his life, and this little girlie magazine provided confirmation that his was not a solitary interest.

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