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Volume 2, Number 2 : August 19, 2013
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Fraternity and Sorority Spanking
by Jameslovebirch

with illustrations sourced by Februs

College fraternity and sorority spanking is part of the annual hazing rituals associated with recruiting (or "rushing") prospective pledges during what is called "rush week". Enduring a sometimes brutal paddling is often the central event in the final initiation ceremony. This ritual is performed with a special wooden "Greek paddle" with letters and other symbols representing the fraternity/sorority, the university, as well as personalized markings.

This is primarily a North American phenomenon, but is related to the now-banned "fagging" (underclassmen forced to do servile duties for older students) once widely practiced in English schools. Recently, universities across America have officially banned all forms of abusive hazing. However, hazing rituals are still conducted in secret at some universities, and even high schools. Every year news reports surface about students being injured during illicit hazing exercises that went too far.

Assuming the position
The paddling ritual is usually reserved for the final initiation or oath ceremony. Sometimes this is done in a quasi-religious fashion with the senior members dressed in monkish robes or Grecian togas/gowns. Typically the pledge is ordered to "assume the position" and bends over (in many cases this means grabbing one's ankles) to receive a certain number of hard swats from a specialized Greek paddle. He or she might also have to recite an oath of loyalty or repeat after each stroke: "Thank you, Sir/Miss, may I have another?"

A fraternity paddle spanking of this type is depicted in the cult comedy Animal House (1978) and can be seen at Youtube. Sorority pledges are paddled in the 1980 porn film Co-Ed Fever. Sorority sisters Brinke Stevens and Michelle Bauer endure similar initiation paddlings in Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-o-Rama (1988). Paddling scenes also occur in Vampires of Sorority Row (1999) and its sequel Vampires of Sorority Row II (2000).

On television an entire episode of 21 Jump Street ("Hell Week", 3:6, 1989) was centered around fraternity hazing rituals. Undercover cop Johnny Depp becomes a fraternity pledge and is smacked once with a Greek paddle during one of his many tests. (Video clip at YouTube.)

The Greek Paddle
The so-called "Greek Paddle" comes in many shapes and sizes. Some have even been adapted from boat oars and canoe paddles. However, the larger sporting goods companies have been producing standardized oak paddles (22 inches long, 3.5 inches wide) for many decades.

Usually these are customized and given to the pledge as a memento after they become a full member. One side of the paddle generally has the name of the university, school seal, and name of the fraternity/sorority chapter printed on it. The reverse side has a decal with that chapter's coat of arms, engraved Greek letters representing the chapter, plus a "to-" and "from-" dedication.

Punishments with the Greek paddle may also occur as a way to enforce the rules and bylaws of the fraternity/sorority. Recreational paddling at campus parties and during spring break vacations is increasingly common as evidenced by the profusion of amateur photos and videos posted by students on countless websites and Spanking blogs.

Sorority hazing in the news:
Rutgers University
For seven nights in January 2010 a pledge at Sigma Gamma Rho at Rutgers University in New Jersey endured severe paddle spankings as part of her initiation. She was struck 201 times. On the eighth day unable to sit, her buttocks covered with blood clots and welts she went to the hospital. Then she reported it to the university. Rutgers police arrested six members of the sorority on charges of aggravated hazing, alleging they repeatedly beat at least three pledges in January. A university official, and the pledge who reported the incident, put the number of victims at seven.

The university immediately suspended the Rutgers chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho, as did the sorority's national organization, head-quartered in North Carolina.

San Jose State Universtiy
Another Sigma Gamma Rho pledge at the San Jose State University chapter filed a civil lawsuit against the sorority. Courtney Howard, a former student at the university, charged that over a three-week period in 2008 she was subjected to progressively more violent hazing from Sigma Gamma Rho members. Ms. Howard claims in her suit that they beat her and other pledges with wooden paddles, wooden spoons, and a cane. "I had welts and bruises all over my butt to the point where I couldn't even lay down because it hurt so bad," said Howard.

Howard's attorney says there is a psychological aspect to this type of hazing. "With African-American fraternities and sororities, there's often this notion that this is being done to allow young people to empathize with what their ancestors went through, through slavery," said attorney John Griggs.

San Jose State suspended the sorority chapter until 2016. Four of the sorority members have pleaded no contest to misdemeanor hazing charges, and were sentenced to 90 days in county jail, two years of probation, and are barred from any further involvement in the sorority.

University of Maryland
In March 2011, a 22-year-old Zeta Phi Beta pledge at the University of Maryland alleged that her sorority sisters took her off campus and punched, choked, and beat her with a wooden paddle as part of a hazing ritual. The pledge reported the incident to authorities and now seven students are facing charges of felony second-degree assault and misdemeanor hazing.

A video clip of an ABC News report on this incident can be watched online.

Sorority hazing in pulp novels and comics
Bill Ward cartoon from Snappy,
July, 1957.
Erotic, fetishistic spanking novels about sexy sorority girls date back to the 1960s with paperbacks such as Lesbian Sorority (1964). The lurid cover illustration depicts the forced paddling of a nearly naked pledge.

Various illustrators such as Bill Ward also did sorority spanking cartoon art for men's magazines in the 1950s, '60s, and '70s.

Today, many new titles are also sold in electronic (e-book) form. A few that feature kinky scenes of bondage and discipline are Sorority Sex Slave and Sorority Girl (2011) by JJ Argus, Kidnapped Sorority Sister by John Savage, Pledged: The Secret Life of Sororities by Alexandra Robbins (Hyperion, 2011), and My Secret Sorority: A Novel of Erotic Instruction (2010) by Imelda Stark. LSF Publications have also released the 5 volume collection The Spanking Sorority: Tales of Phi Beta Gamma by Frank Limadere aka Seegee.

There is even a 160-page comic book (or graphic novel) called Hazed from Image Comics. This is a dark comedy about three young girls and their perilous journey through the world of sororities. The cover shows a close up of a Greek paddle dripping with blood.

Hazing in mainstream films and television
There are not surprisingly a large number of sorority fetish films featuring corporal punishment and BDSM and a spanking video producer called Spanking Sorority Girls that is entirely devoted to this subject but hazing has also featured in a number of mainstream productions including:

Love is a Four Letter Word (aka The Love Girls) from 1966 is an obscure grindhouse sexploitation feature and the earliest known film to show an actual sorority initiation paddling.

Fraternity Row (1977) is based on a true story of an accidental death-by-hazing at an upper class college in the early '50s. The poster art by Birney Lettick shows pledges bending over for a paddling. Lettick also did the controversial spanking cover art for National Lampoon's September 1975 issue.

Fraternity Row poster artNational Lampoon,
September 1975

Kentucky Woman (1983), is an example of a paddling initiation in a non-college setting. In this made-for-TV film, a woman (Cheryl Ladd) is forced to take a job as a coal miner. In order to be accepted by her male co-workers, she has to endure a humiliating initiation ritual. After being covered in grease, she has to bend over and receive a few hard smacks from a wooden board.

School Daze (1988), a group of male fraternity pledges line up for sadistic paddlings in this Spike Lee film.

Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-o-Rama (1988). Two female pledges receive hard initiation paddlings.

Sorority Girls' Revenge (2001), campy exploitation comedy with a special ping-pong paddle used repeatedly on four sorority pledges as well as two Peeping Toms captured by the girls.

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