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Recollections: A Canadian Perspectivedougmorton, 14 Aug 2017 23:29 
While I began attending school in the early 40's near Minneapolis, MN, none of them practiced cp, unfortunately. Not that it was against the law in Minnesota. Count yourself lucky, CS. I enjoyed reading about your various experiences with school spankings.
Spanko Spottinghairbrushedhubby, 11 Aug 2017 16:08 
What happened to me once was that me and my wife were sitting on a park bench next to an elderly lady when a young lad who had obviously upset his mother was grabbed by the arm an given a couple of slaps on the bottom and she said to him in a raised voice, ...
A Look at F/M Spanking VideosBlooDenim, 8 Aug 2017 11:23 
Hmmmm... Coming late to this discussion, but hoping this hasn't all been said before..

I noticed someone mentioned Audrey Knight, she does good spanking vids of her with her happy partner Stefan, they both love spanking and being spanked. No punches ...
The Psychology of Spankings - Part 2 (cont)dougmorton, 8 Aug 2017 09:29 
While I do find this article an interesting read, I also find a disturbing widespread use of “ad hominems,” in which arguments are rebutted by attacking the characters, motives, or other attributes of those making the argument, and not, or to a lesser ...
Christianity and Adult SpankingArtie1096, 2 Aug 2017 15:33 
This is an excellent article and sums up my beliefs pretty well!
Spanko Spottingraisedkilt, 8 Jul 2017 05:03 
I was shopping in Wall-Mart's food section when I spotted a large man with an ashen face. He was over 6'3" tall and broad shoulders. Wondering what was up I went around him and there was a much smaller woman with her purse open and a hair brush in her ...
Spanko SpottingJohnswitch, 22 Jun 2017 23:14 
Too bad we couldn't have a chip planted in in us that would set off each others phone when spankos were with in five foot of each other (smile) nice story Beth. I once bought a beautiful walnut antique hair brush that the bristles were worn out on when ...
In Praise of the Butter PatAndyFalk2a, 19 Jun 2017 15:44 
I'm a little bit torn with this story. I like that the article put a spotlight on an unusual spanking instrument - although I was a little bit disappointed that the article was way shorter and less descriptive as I had hoped.