The Library of Spanking Fiction: Wellred Weekly

Wellred Weekly
Volume 1, Number 11 : October 21, 2012
Items of interest regarding all things spanking

by flopsybunny

Greetings and welcome to the 11th issue of the Wellred Weekly. We may even finish the year with issue 12 if we can get enough contributions (hint hint!) to entertain, inform and amuse. Meanwhile we have a good selection of articles in this issue and I hope you enjoy what's on offer.

Previous issues of The Wellred Weekly include various articles on Domestic Discipline (DD) relationships. In this issue we have a complementary piece written by Anastasia Vitsky which focuses on the aftermath of punishment spankings received within a DD relationship. Anastasia poses the question of whether such a punishment spanking could be considered to be unfair; and she surmises that no matter how careful or responsible the head of household tries to be, it is possible that the boundaries of the person being disciplined may be violated. However, caution is urged before wailing "It's not fair" - as this needs to be reserved for situations in which it truly is a game-changing scenario.

Sidestepping DD, consider the idea of a Christian Domestic marriage where the husband is the authority figure in the household. Katie B has written a thought provoking article, Christianity and Adult Spanking, which examines the conflict experienced by some spankos in relation to their religious faith. She takes the two concepts of spanking and Christianity and looks at their compatibility, concluding that providing a sense of perspective is maintained, there can be a happy mix between being both a Christian and a spanko. She also includes a few quotes representing the opinions of other spanking writers from the LSF.

I'm delighted to introduce our featured artist, cartoonist, Nik Zula. Nik's interview gives us an enjoyable insight into his spanking art. Although he admits to working in a somewhat chaotic way, I'm sure you will agree that the end results are fantastic. His take on spanking is to regard it on one level as an erotic game between consenting adults, with lashings of humour. This element of fun is very evident in his work. I'm also pleased to introduce our second interviewee, spanking model Alex Reynolds. In her interview Alex gives us an idea of what life as a spanking model is all about. She started this line of work in September 2011 and has done ten spanking video shoots to date, with many more planned. Sounds like fun! Good luck in your future ventures, Alex.

For those of us who enjoy a soupçon of romance with their spankings, we feature two articles on the romance theme. Rollin's article Spanking Romances questions why there appears to be a proliferation of romance novels that prominently feature spanking. He also takes a brief look at internet publishing where anyone can be an author (is this a good thing?) excluding the involvement of the traditional publishing houses. The title of Loki Renard's offering is Why Spanking Romance. As an author of many spanking romance novels, Loki is interested in the power dynamics of dominance and submission. Her hope for the future is that we'll grow culturally to the point that we can embrace power play without confusing it with exploitation. Maybe at that point, spankings will make it back into mainstream romance.

Sticking with the topic of spanking fiction, our featured spanking author for this issue is barrethunter. Not only does he write spanking fiction, but spanking verse too. It is no surprise that this interview mentions something very close to barrethunter's heart - policewomen! He has a thing for fat-bottomed policewomen - and there's no shame in that! Before we move away from spanking fiction, please welcome the erudite Garth Toyntanen who has prepared an excellent article on Plausibility In Spanking Fiction. One of the strands discussed is the need for an author to be careful, the more credible a tale becomes, by leaving clear "some sort of self-justifiable (perhaps some would say, self-deluding) leeway for the reader to be able to put aside for the moment any notion of real-world moralistic judgement; or at least temper that judgement with the knowledge that in fiction it is ok to be horrified just for the thrill of it."

Spanking videos have long been enjoyed by people who share our kink. In this issue we have an article entitled My Spanking Video Experiences by Robert56, who regales us with tales of his experiences on the set of a Nu-West video shoot where he paid $500 to witness a strapping. This led to further opportunities for Robert and his wallet. It's interesting stuff - read all about it. On a related theme, we have an account by George Harlow about the spanking parties hosted by Moonglow. He explains the factors that led to the creation of Moonglow and his own involvement in the enterprise. Littered with personal anecdotes, he provides an interesting view about the nature of spanking parties and the girls involved - many of whom acquire legendary status owing to their fame of being able to regularly take a real caning.

Next we have Alicia Panettiere writing on Bratting - Where Is The Line? Love them or hate them, spanking attracts brats in abundance, some clever and witty, others irritating as hell and a real pain in the ass! Alicia describes the difficulties she experienced in "developing a balance between Alicia the normal vanilla person and Alicia the bottom who wanted to misbehave to earn a spanking." Alicia shares her thoughts and opinions and offers a few sensible tips for would-be brats.

Have you ever wondered how people obtained spanking pics in the days before the rise of the internet? Jameslovesbirch has all the answers in Spanking in Photography. Beginning with a look at vintage spanking photos he notes "Erotic photographs were discreetly sold, individually or in sets, by street dealers, tobacco shops, and a variety of other vendors who bought them for resale to tourists." He provides an interesting historical perspective that is rich in detail, moving on to discuss contemporary spanking photos, underground magazines, the influence of the video boom of the 1980's, and more recently, the impact of the online markets via the internet.

That's all for now. Enjoy.

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