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Wellred Weekly
Volume 1, Number 11 : October 21, 2012
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Why Spanking Romance?
by Loki Renard

My name is Loki Renard and I'm an author of romance, usually of the spanking variety. Prior to the infamous late 1980's or thereabouts, spanking was common fare in romance novels. Nowadays, the mere mention of loving physical correction often sees a book hurled, hot potato style, into the 'erotica' section or beyond. I'm not alone in considering that a great pity.

Spanking and other methods of gentle domination have been part of the traditional relationship paradigm for as long as there have been people with hands. However with the misapplication of feminist thought, spanking and other acts of domination fell out of favor - and out of romance novels. The precise events that lead to many major romance publishers cutting spanking scenes are not entirely clear to me, but I'm fairly certain it had something to do with power shoulder pads and chemical fumes from the poodle perms that were so in vogue in the 1980's.

The fact of the matter is that although domination and submission are now terms you'll probably only hear in kink groups or on the Dog Whisperer, dominant and submissive relationships play out over and over again throughout the course of our lives and most of them will never be remotely sexual. The fact that dominant and submissive play has been pushed to the fringes of romantic relationships and commonly accepted sexual dynamics is probably somewhat detrimental to the way we see ourselves. It creates a state of perpetual cognitive dissonance that I for one, can't get on board with. It's fine for us to submit to a boss who wants us in at 6 am or to a government who tells us what plants we can and cannot grow, but heaven forbid we want to submit in the bedroom.

Nowadays everyone, regardless of gender or temperament, is supposed to be a strong, self sufficient individual who doesn't need anybody. It has even become popular to declare that people need to be happy alone before they can be happy in a relationship. Whilst this is good advice for the hopelessly co-dependent, human beings are, by nature, gregarious animals who seek relationships and suffer when they are on their own. Even dyed in the wool introverts like to know that someone, somewhere cares. In the same way, some humans like to know that there is someone in charge and some humans like to vie for power. Domination and submission are key dynamics not only in human relationships, but throughout the animal kingdom.

It is little wonder then, that a sensual activity like spanking, which not only stimulates blood flow to erogenous zones, but also taps into our natural fascination with the dynamics of power is such a gripping concept for so many people.

A spanking can be romantic.

A spanking can be erotic.

A spanking can be much needed and well deserved by anyone over the age of consent.

I hope that in coming years, we'll grow culturally to the point that we can embrace power play without confusing it with exploitation. I hope that spankings will make it back into mainstream romance and I hope that people attracted to or engaging in power exchange relationships won't feel the need to hide the fact from the world at large. Until then, I'll write spanking romance.

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