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Volume 1, Number 11 : October 21, 2012
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My Spanking Video Experiences
by Robert56

To the best of my recollection my first involvement in spanking videos stems from when I saw an advertisement in a Nu-West publication called The World of Nu-West. This was a magazine advertising the Nu-West/Leda videos that were available at the time which was about 1994. I should mention that Nu-West started making videos in the early 1980's long before the internet days.

The video that caught my eye was one entitled Corporal Punishment in Women's Institutions Part I. In the magazine there was a mailing address and I gathered up about $60 and sent it off requesting the above video. A few days later it arrived along with some extra literature on corporal punishment in women's institutions and reformatories that Ed Lee, the owner of Nu-West, had kindly thrown in with the video. I couldn't wait to get it home and watch it. In the magazine there was also a phone number listed in case there were any difficulties with shipping etc.

After viewing this video I ordered several others with a similar genre. I was really interested in the CP in women's institution type videos and Nu-West put out some good ones. I actually called down and talked to Ed on several occasions and one thing led to another and he told me that they were going to be filming the strapping of a young female inmate and wondered if I would be interested in coming down to watch. I jumped at the chance. We communicated back and forth a few times and finally there was a date and time set for the shoot.

I was told that to witness the strapping would cost me $500. This wasn't a problem. I wanted to see that shoot. I should say at this point that the strap is my favourite spanking implement. For me there is nothing quite like the sound of a well built leather strap when it lands just right upon a bare female bottom. I have had several sessions where I just get into a rhythm and stroke after stroke the strap makes a nice crisp "crack" upon its target. I'm sure I don't have to elaborate, you know what I'm talking about. My love for the strap may also have been partially cultivated by the many stories involving its domestic use.

When I was old enough to go to the magazine racks at the liquor store I discovered Mr. Magazine which contained a few spanking articles in the monthly letters to the editor. I read these with a passion and once in a while I would catch an article about a teenage girl who had been punished with her father's razor strop.

Anyway, I was given directions to the studios and arrived to be greeted by Ed at the gate. We went in and chatted about what I was going to see. I remember Ed telling me that watching a strapping in real life was quite a bit different than seeing it on video. He was correct. When it was time he took me out to the room where the video was to be shot. I sat in a stool just off camera and in a few minutes they were rolling.

The young female blond inmate was led into the punishment room by Ed. She was wearing a prison smock and low cut shoes. She was quite attractive. Ed placed her face down upon the punishment table which was constructed such that her bottom was elevated above her head and feet. She was secured to the bench after having had her smock raised and her white cotton panties taken down past her knees. A stern looking matron in uniform would do the strapping which was to consist of 60 strokes.

As I recall, there might have been some dialogue and then the punishment began. The tempo was quite rapid, actually a bit too rapid according to Ed later but these were real strokes. No pretend love taps here, you could hear that leather "crack" with each stroke and the blond sure reacted.

When the strapping was finished I was taken off the set and Ed showed me the rest of their facilities. Later on Ed mentioned that the blond had asked if I enjoyed what I had seen. I sure did. It was worth every penny of that $500 dollars. I took back more literature and continued to maintain contact with Ed. I told him that I would be very interested in returning to Nu-West to do some videos. We talked back and forth for some time and finally decided that I would come back down.

The girl I would work with was the same girl whose strapping I had witnessed. We worked up a scenario which was basically my ultimate women's reformatory fantasy. It would involve a young inmate at a reformatory who had been caught with marijuana in her room. This would be reported to the warden and the inmate would receive a disciplinary strapping as punishment. The strapping would be carried out by the warden with the inmate fully nude. This shoot would cost me $1,000 and again, was worth every cent in the end.

When I arrived, Ed, myself and the girl went over the details of the scenario. I then went to the wardrobe room and dressed in the appropriate attire: shirt, neck-tie and dark slacks. We went for the realistic look, from my clothing to the punishment room, paying close attention to detail, something which I find lacking from many of the more recent sites today.

The scenario was basically as follows... The warden is sitting at his desk when the matron comes in to report the offence. He then instructs the matron to escort the inmate (Lori) down to the punishment room where he will join them shortly. The next scene takes place in the punishment room as the inmate is instructed to remove all clothing. We used the same punishment table that I described above. The strap can be seen hanging on the wall in the background. When completely naked, the blond inmate is placed upon the punishment table and secured for punishment by the matron. When she is ready I inform her that her offence has earned her 70 strokes of the strap upon her bare bottom and I ask the matron to help keep count. I take the strap off the wall and step back to the side of the punishment table and position myself to begin the punishment. I then administer 10 sound strokes of the strap to her bare buttocks. The inmate reacts in the manner you might expect for a totally nude young female having her bare buttocks soundly strapped. I then step to the opposite side of the table and apply another set of 10, repeating the process until all the strokes have been given. These aren't love taps here, you can really hear that strap crack as it lands on her tender bare backside.

I should mention that before actual filming I practised on a dummy placed over the bench in order to gauge how hard to apply the strap and to test how accurate I would be with it. One thing that should be emphasized is that the safety of the model is first and foremost. If I couldn't demonstrate that I knew how to use that strap and use it well, there would have been no shoot. The video ends with the inmate being released from the punishment table.

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