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Volume 1, Number 11 : October 21, 2012
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My Spanking Video Experiences (cont.)
by Robert56

Worthy of note was that some way into the actual strapping, the young blond model playing Lori, suddenly started moving on the punishment table in a manner which raised some attention. Ed called a halt to the shoot and the young blond model was quite upset. When she had started moving like she was it raised some concern and Ed put a halt to the action. However, it turned out that she was doing just fine, actually much better than fine. We just hadn't realized it at the time. We were told in no uncertain terms how disappointed she was when the action stopped. I'm not sure I have to spell this out in graphic terms, shall we just say that she was having a very favorable reaction to the strap. This, by the way, is not that uncommon, especially for someone truly into the scene and this gal certainly was.

It was very easy to get into the character of the reformatory warden and Ed reminded me that if some dialogue didn't go exactly as planned we can cut and re-shoot, just like the Hollywood boys do it. Working with the model and the matron helped me because they were experienced at this whereas this was my first time in front of the camera. Ed advised me to just be myself, let it flow and my female inmate would play along with it and in the end it worked out pretty well. I had previously met with numerous women off camera for one on one sessions and many of these were role play so I did have some practice doing this, albeit not on film. To be honest, I really didn't pay any attention to the fact that we were being filmed at all. I was just so thoroughly into what we were doing that the camera became secondary, almost non–existent.

To the best of my recollection this video was shot in the time period of 1997 - 1998 but more recently (2009-2010) I did some video shoots with a local gal by the name of Lily Starr. On Lily's site she tells about herself and offers an e-mail address for anyone wishing to contact her. I messaged her and indicated that I was interested in doing some shoots. She responded favorably and we met. The first of a few videos was entitled Uncle Robert. In my opinion, this was perhaps the best of our work together. I played the part of her uncle and Lily was being punished by grounding. She then tried to sneak out without getting caught but of course was caught sneaking back in. Her strict uncle informs her that she is to be strapped and to prepare for punishment. Lily is in bed at the time and pushes down the blankets, pulls down her pajama bottoms and rolls over upon her tummy. She only has on skimpy thong type underwear leaving her buttocks bare. I step in with one of my own prison straps and Lily gets the strapping of a lifetime.

There are a number of things that make this video work well in my opinion. The first is that it was shot in a local hotel room. This is important because the scene is set in Lily's bedroom and of course a hotel room is a bedroom. The second, and perhaps most important, is that Lily looks (and was) young enough to be my niece. So the video had a realistic feel to it because the surroundings were right and the age difference for the type of scenario being acted out was believable.

Lily had a third party filming the action and before shooting it was important to get the lighting just right. We moved around the room to the various places we would be in during the shoot, such as Lily on the bed with me at the side and the cameraman made sure everything looked good through the lens of the camera. In this case, I was using my own strap so I felt very comfortable with what I was doing. I should mention that Lily was very nice and pleasant to work with and I thoroughly enjoyed working with her.

The spankings in the videos I participated in were actually quite hard but many of the spankings you see in mainstream spanking videos are anything but real and a faked spanking, paddling, caning is pretty easy to spot. Some of the main spanking video companies advertise how pretty their models are but quite often many of these girls have never been spanked in their lives, nor do they have any special interest in spanking. What they do have an interest in, however, is making money and some of them are paid very well. There are numerous folks out there who just want to see a pretty girl and don't necessarily care how realistic or severe the spanking is.

Something else which might be of interest - have you ever wondered why the girl who is about to be punished already has a crimson, and in some cases, bruised bottom, even though she hasn't been spanked yet? It's because the big production companies will shoot several scenes in one day so by the time the model gets to the scene for the video you purchased, she may have been spanked, paddled, caned, strapped, hairbrushed several times already.

To me, this is a major problem which seriously takes away from any kind of realistic aspect of the video. For example, say we have a teenage girl who supposedly hasn't been punished in several months. She does something which warrants serious punishment but when she undresses her bottom is already deep crimson, perhaps even bruised. Doesn't seem fitting for a girl who hasn't been punished in months does it! This of course can also have a significant impact (no pun intended) on the severity of the spanking administered in some of the shoots filmed later on in the day, especially if some of the earlier sessions were of a fairly severe nature.

Even though a model can take a lot, her safety must be of primary concern. In some cases it may even be necessary for the one doing the spanking to recognize when it's time to call a halt to it, even if the model indicates otherwise. First and foremost must always be the concern for the model's safety as well as respect for what she is willing to do.

I think there are a number of things which are important in the making of a spanking video. Technically, the lighting and sound need to be set correctly but equally important is the realistic nature of the set. In the case of the Nu-West video the scene had to resemble a typical room in a women's reformatory and the attire of the participants needed to be realistic. For me this is essential in a spanking (or any) film and I feel this is really missing in several of the sites out there today. If I'm watching a paddling in the Principal's office, then the room better look like a Principal's office, not the living room in somebody's house. The Principal should be dressed accordingly as well, not in shorts and sandals and certainly not with hair down to his shoulders. I should mention that these are my own personal preferences which may well be very different to your own. So while the details I mention here are essential to me, they may not be so important to the next guy or gal watching the video.

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