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Volume 1, Number 11 : October 21, 2012
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The Story of Moonglow: the Parties
by George Harlow

Life is full of unexpected turns. When I attended a party at Kane magazine early in 1991, life changed. I met then Kane cover girl and sometime Harrison-Marks bed partner, Benji, who was starting to move on. Harrison-Marks tired of his young ladies and the wise ones moved on naturally.

Benji exuded vitality and had built a coterie of followers, mostly through one to ones. She claimed to have the best bottom in the business and gentlemen queued up to spank it. She decided to form a club for her adoring fans, and Moonglow was born. She asked me to help and twisted my arm to hold them in my flat in Vauxhall. So in September 1991, the first dozen or so fans congregated together to socialise with, then spank, Benji and two of her friends, Janet (name changed) and Maggie. But I soon learnt that Benji, behind all the delightful bonhomie, was mercurial. Within a few months, she had stormed off, leaving me with a decision of import; did I continue with Moonglow?

I learnt a very rapid lesson at that point. Many girls loved being spanked as much as men enjoyed spanking them. Janet and Maggie were desperate to carry on, gladly shouldering most of the administrative duties, especially things like catering.

Originally I had assumed that getting girls for parties would be a problem. Instead, soon we had a rota system to ensure that each girl had a fair share of parties. It also made it easier to ensure that the girls who took part were genuine enthusiasts. We went to some lengths to minimise the number of girls who were there just for the cash. However, this was difficult as quite often a young lady who started on the money route actually found that she loved it all and became a genuine enthusiast. All this meant that we had to be scrupulous in allocating each girl her fair share of spanking and caning at the party as well as how many parties we gave them. There was one young lady, Debbie who hailed from Reading, who would be most upset if she did not receive her allocated share; if a girl let us down, she could be relied upon to be an instant stand-in.

The competition in those day was mainly the large parties held by Kane and Janus magazines. The latter held them under the name of Privilege, organised by the fictitious Gordon Sergeant. These were strictly watching parties with up to 150 guests. Suddenly there were small parties in business, with a dozen or so men, which allowed hands on action. The market changed, and the large clubs were soon in decline. By 1993, my flat was bursting at the seems for one afternoon each month and we moved to a photographic studio in Hackney, which was a to be our London home for some twelve years.

People often ask if finding girls to do parties is the biggest problem that we have. It is not; it is their boyfriends. So many girls lie to their boyfriends, who tend to dislike the idea of spanking parties. One girl was coming to London from Birmingham to do a party. Somehow, on the way to the station, she let out to her boyfriend that she was going to do a spanking party not a glamour shoot. You can imagine the abusive phone call that I got from him; she never did another spanking party. If a girl come home with a bruised bottom, many boyfriends go ballistic, and this can also cause real problems. Thus if a girl has a scene boyfriend, life is much easier. From bitter experience, I ask girls if their boyfriends know what they do. Many think that I am getting fresh with them, until I point out the problems. At that point, some give up their spanking careers; others give up their boyfriend.

The second serious problem is the reliability of the girls. Nicky Montford is a superb performer, but getting her to a party is worse than having a tooth extracted. But the queen of the unreliability stakes is Karen, of the long black hair and bottom of steel fame. Guys used to take wagers on whether she would turn up or not. If she arrived, she was a superb performer but it was a great gamble booking her. There are few benefits from a recession, but one is that the girls have become more reliable. There are many more professional spankee girls nowadays, work is scarcer and it shows in their improved attitude to reliability.

The longevity of the girls varies greatly. Donna, who is now the Moonglow secretary, did her first party in 1993. In the same year, Karen did her first party and lasted a decade. Alison, from Oop Nort', did her first party in 1992 and the last 2002. Unlike many girls, her firm round bottom never showed a bruise or lasting mark, for her entire career! Other girls had short, meteoric careers. There was a young lady from Yorkshire called Michelle, who hit the top of the popularity stakes, and disappeared, all within eight months in 2006.

Spanking parties are a mixture of enjoyment and real action; this is very important. There is a real chemistry between the men and the girls. There is plenty of time to socialise before activities start and the first session is always meet and greet. Each man has a chance to give each girl a light hearted spanking and to have a chat to her, but many a time it has been said that spankers know a spankee's bottom as well as her face. As the afternoon wears on, the theme for the day comes into play and the action gets more serious. By the end, many of the guys like to feel that they have administered a genuine six of the best to at least one girl before they go home.

Thus another area of focus is the tough girls, the ones that can take a real caning. These girls often become legendary. Alison and Karen both used to be able to absorb veritable canings, and hardly show a mark on their shapely bottoms at the end, while Yvonne from Bristol would taunt the guys if they could not lay it on properly. By the turn of the century, Sandra from Liverpool was on the scene, while London was represented by Leslie, Wales by the voluptuous Stacey and the Midlands by the formidable CJ. Like football stars fill football stadia, the top CP girls fill parties. While guys like to see new faces, they are also very loyal to the established girls.

One interesting aspect of being an early party operator is that people join, then think they can do better and set up in competition. Dublin was a long term Moonglow girl in the early 2000s, before heading off to set up Cheeky Girls. The famous Ivor Goldblatt joined Moonglow before setting up the Red Stripe Club. Other clubs have also come and gone; at one time there were clubs called Posterity and Actually Spanking. Thus perhaps Moonglow's survival has been against the odds. But it has been a great journey!

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