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Volume 1, Number 11 : October 21, 2012
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Spanking Cartoonist: Nik Zula
Wellred Weekly explores the spanking art of cartoonist, Nik Zula.

When and how did you first get involved with drawing spanking cartoons?
As a teen I studied artistic drawing and painting at a private academy. I always enjoyed drawing, especially the human figure, and most of all, girls. My first 'spanking cartoons', which have since been lost, were created at this time, when I was a teen, a very small production indeed. As the years went by I began to draw graphic humour. I love the spanking cartoons from old magazines, those magnificent drawings of Dan de Carlo and others. Then I began to draw the spanking cartoons that I wanted to see.

Why cartoons, as opposed to other art forms?
I love graphic humour and cartoons, and drawing. I don't produce comics because they take too much time and it is not worth the effort when there is no profit to be made.

Where have your spanking cartoons been featured?
A great many of my cartoons can be seen on my blog: Nik Zula Spanking Art. My cartoons have also occasionally been featured or posted on other websites such as Cherry Red Report, Chross and Chicago Spanking Review.

Where do you get your ideas for cartoons from? What inspires you to create spanking cartoons?
My ideas come from everywhere... radio, tv, newspaper, life... the girls you see walking in the street...

Do you have a particular technique or way you go about creating spanking cartoons?
No, I tend to be rather chaotic... sometimes the idea comes by itself, almost without my intervention. On other occasions I get an idea and then work on it, producing several sketches before I finally complete the definitive cartoon.

What comes first, the caption or the drawing?
Sometimes the caption, sometimes the drawing... this theme is really linked to the previous question. Normally, if the caption comes first the drawing ends up taking a number of sketches to complete. On the other hand, if the drawing comes first then usually the final drawing is finished in a short time. But of course it doesn't always happen like this.

Is there one of your cartoons that you would consider a favourite? And why?
My favourite drawings tend to be those that I created spontaneously. For example, the cartoon featured in my blog post, Repentant is one where the idea just came to me. I quickly completed it and am very pleased with it. I also love the cartoon of Batman spanking Catwoman which is colored.

Do you prefer to draw in colour or black and white/greyscale?
I love drawing in black and white because I love its simplicity so I tend not to bother with colour. I am also rather anxious to see the finished cartoon as soon as possible, especially as much of my work is not overly detailed.

Are you a spanko yourself?
I don't like the label 'spanko' which I regard as a simplification whereas reality is always more complex. I don't think that all the aspects one would associate with being a 'spanko' actually apply to me but the idea of a spanking a nice female butt is certainly appealing.

Do you draw just for personal pleasure, or for profit?
I draw mainly for personal pleasure, but I also make commissions and obtain a profit from them. It is great to obtain a profit for a thing that you love to do. I would like to continue to draw for both pleasure and profit.

Do you have any favourite spanking cartoonists/spanking artists?
I love the cartoons of Dan de Carlo. From the 'new generation' whose work you can see on the web I love the funny drawings of Dave Wolfe. I also think Kami Tora is great but his work tends to be more 'dramatic' and I tend to prefer humour.

Do you produce artwork that is not related to spanking, as well?
Yes, I draw humorous cartoons and caricatures in general.

Your plans for the future?
I will continue drawing cartoons but in addition I'd like to draw more caricatures of real people, graphic humour and maybe do a comic or a comic strip. I also want to paint using watercolors, acrylics or oil painting as it's a long time since I last used a paintbrush.

Anything else you want to say...
I think I conceive spanking on one level as a erotic game - a game between consenting adults. I don't believe in spanking as a real punishment for children (which I consider to be an aberration), or adults. As an erotic game I think it needs a dose of humour. I also believe that, even with consensual spanking, one should avoid causing any real damage as that is a bad thing, not only for the person on the receiving end but also for the one who inflicted the damage.

Taken on a light-hearted level, spanking can simply be fun, e.g. the 'birthday spanking' tradition which is particularly popular with the Americans. It can sometimes have a slight erotic element without involving any actual sexual relations.

Many readers from far and wide have written to me and told me that my cartoons have made them smile or laugh out loud and that is very rewarding. It is strange to note that in Argentina some people are more perturbed by a silly spanking cartoon than one which features depictions of explicit sex. They respond in a manner which suggests "Man, something is wrong with you". However, you can draw cartoons which feature penises and vaginas and no-one (except Ned Flanders) is bothered by this. I really don't know if this is also the case in English-speaking countries.

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