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Wellred Weekly
Volume 1, Number 11 : October 21, 2012
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Spanking Model: Alex Reynolds
Wellred Weekly interview

When did you first realise you were a spanko?
I've always known that I was interested in being spanked -- my brother once mentioned that he saw me spanking my stuffed animals when I was still in a crib. I spent my entire life with this secret, which felt very dark and awful, until I discovered that there were other people with the same fetish when I was seventeen. I didn't associate with the word "spanko" until I got more deeply involved in the spanking community about a year and a half ago.

What is it about the spanking fetish that most intrigues you?
There's a huge amount of safety in being spanked, for me, especially when I'm OTK. I'm willingly out of control, and I get a chance to stop being so cerebral and processing my every experience and just... be there.

That said, I still don't really have an answer to why I like spanking instead of other power-exchange activities. It's like asking why I took to books instead of playing sports. It just happened that way, but it's been that way for so long that it has had a huge influence on the rest of my life.

Have you given as well as received spankings?
I've never given a "serious" spanking before, but I've topped other girls either for fun or for videos. I feel that I could someday give a girl a spanking that wasn't lighthearted, but I don't believe I'll ever have any interest in spanking men. The idea of me doing that just does not compute.

Have you ever experienced a real punishment spanking?
Oh yes! I originally started being spanked in a situation where my spankings were almost entirely disciplinary. It's only in the past couple of years that I began to explore spankings that weren't correctional or preventative. Currently, I'm in a Domestic Discipline relationship with my boyfriend and he gives me disciplinary spankings as they are required. Spanking is a very effective punishment for me. The head-space is entirely different than when I'm being spanked for fun, or for stress relief, or for a video. I'm very focused on the fact that I'm being corrected. As much as I don't enjoy being punished, it's very important to me. I really value being held accountable for my actions. I also find that being spanked for something I've done helps me to move on from it, aside from just giving me a very strong reminder of why what I did was not acceptable.

Do you find there's a difference between being spanked by a man or a woman? And if so what?
I enjoy both, but do prefer to be spanked by a man. A man's dominant energy is extremely appealing to me, and in my experience, men are better at getting inside my head during a spanking, which I really enjoy. I do really like being spanked by women, though. There's a specific emotional warmth that comes with those spankings that is often not present anywhere else.

Were you ever spanked as a child?
No, I was not, and I'm glad for that. I was very confused about how spanking made me feel to begin with, and that would have made things much more complicated. In general, I greatly disapprove of spanking anyone under the age of majority for any reason.

If there is one implement you would never want to be spanked with again, what is it?
There are a lot of implements that I really don't like, and several that I only feel comfortable being spanked with by someone that I know really well and trust -- someone with whom I can suspend my sense of self-preservation. These include lexan paddles, the sjambok and several more extreme canes. I've never been spanked with something and thought "never again!" all the way across the board, though.

What is your favourite spanking implement?
My favorite is always going to be a hand-spanking. It's the most natural and safest feeling to me. Following that, I prefer to be spanked with smaller implements that can be used at a very short range: wooden spoons, hairbrushes and small paddles are some that I get a lot out of. I recently got spanked with a small, leather paddle for the first time during one of my shoots and I'm kind of in love with that feeling!

What is your favourite position to be spanked in?
Over the lap, most certainly! I like it best when the spanker is seated on a sofa or something so that I'm not just hanging down. I also like to have a pillow or something to hold onto while I'm being spanked. It's even better if the spanker puts his or her free arm around my waist and holds me there. It all leads to a sense of safety and security.

Do your vanilla family and friends know of your involvement in the spanking scene?
My eldest brother, who recently passed away, knew of my involvement because he was involved in the general BDSM scene and we were careful to keep our paths from crossing. I've told a number of my vanilla friends, but certainly not all of them. It depends on my relationship with the person. Originally, I had a "tell no one" policy, but I've started to open up and share with trusted individuals. I'll never tell the rest of my family, though. It's not the kind of thing we can talk about.

Do you get spanked in your private life as well as at work?
My goodness, yes! Spanking is a hugely important part of my private life!

What made you want to pursue a career as a spanking model?
I worked as a nude model for several years before I became comfortable enough with myself as a spanko to want to start doing spanking modeling. Once I felt ready to share that with the world, it seemed like a natural thing to do!

When did you start?
I did my first shoot in September of last year.

How easy was it to break in to?
I got several shoots right away, but it wasn't until fairly recently that I started to develop a "name" as a spanking model. When I was new, lots of wonderful producers were very welcoming towards me and made me very comfortable on set. Once I had done a few shoots, I had references that helped me to get even more and it's all grown from there.

How many shoots have you done?
I've done ten spanking video shoots to date. I have several more lined up that I'm very excited about, too!

Any memorable ones?
All of my shoots have been memorable one way or another. My recent shoot for the upcoming site, Sternwood Academy, was VERY exciting because I got to work with a whole group of other models. Seeing all of us transformed into a gaggle of giggling schoolgirls was just amazing, and we all got to be quite close!

Another great one was my shoot for Girl Spanks Girl. This was right before Clare Fonda retired, and I had a blast working with her and The Cameraman. I got to do some really great stuff during that shoot -- there was a pajama spanking and a caning in those traditional, blue knickers from England, both of which were very exciting for me. Plus, there were about eight cats and dogs around for me to play with and cuddle between sets.

Do you ever bring suggestions for the scenarios or do you just do as instructed?
It depends on the shoot. If there's an established script, I just add my own "lines" during the spanking. If not, I help brainstorm ideas. I did make up a scene entirely for my shoot with Sternwood Academy, because I wanted to get spanked with Cali Cutie. We had worked together before, but she was producing then, and I really liked the idea of getting spanked together with her because our personalities work so well together! I brought this up and we wrote the scene in. I haven't seen it yet, but I bet it turned out amazingly. It was great fun to shoot.

What will you not do on film?
Sexual things. Spanking isn't sexual for me, so I don't have an interest in doing anything pornographic during a spanking shoot.

What are your hard limits?
Sexual themes, insertion of any kind, breath play, interactions with any kind of body fluid and any sort of degradation. I'm sure that there are other things that I wouldn't do, but they haven't come up yet!

Are there certain scenarios that are your personal favourites?
I love scenarios where the spankee wants to be spanked. This is the most natural for me, of course. My scenes with Spanking Court were great this way because my character came to the Court to ask to be kept in line. That's something I would do in the real world! I like Domestic Discipline scenes for this reason, too.

I do have one particular scenario that I've always fantasized about but never had a chance to role-play, and this is where I'm the (somewhat mistreated) assistant of a Mad Scientist or an Evil Genius. I run around doing all his laboratory errands, but something inevitably gets messed up so he spanks me with some kind of awful, sadistic implement.

Explain to us what the lure and reward of being spanked is to you
I can't explain the lure. I've tried to explain why spanking is great to someone who doesn't naturally feel that way and I just can't do it. The reward, though, is emotional release, a feeling of belonging and of being taken care of and a beautiful mixture of adrenaline and endorphins! I also get my best sleep when I'm going to bed after a hard spanking. I just float off without a care in the world.

How important is the role play in a CP situation for you?
It's actually not important to me at all. In my personal life, I almost never do any role playing. I prefer to just be myself and for my partner to be his or her self. I prefer arbitrary spankings for no real reason over those with a made up reason. I can certainly get into playing roles during shoots, though, and I had a lot of fun with that. I especially love playing off someone else's energy and ideas in a scene.

Is it lucrative being a spanking model?
It is and it isn't. The shoots pay very well, but the work isn't regular. It isn't my full time profession at the moment, especially because I have to travel for most of my shoots.

How long do you plan to continue as a spanking model?
Until I'm too old and no one will take me any more! I love it and never want to stop.

Your plans for the coming year?
I've just launched my own Clips4Sale store and I intend to film as much content as I can. I'm also attending a few big spanking parties and traveling for several shoots. Plenty of adventures in Spankingland!

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